Rumba DomainConfiguration

The Rumba iOS application uses a DomainConfiguration to interact with the web application that is using the Rumba Javascript SDK.

What is a DomainConfiguration

A DomainConfiguration is a nested dictionary of settings that is used to influence the behavior of the Rumba iOS application while viewing a single web application.

More information on these behaviors are noted in the Rumba Javascript SDK section.

Each web application loaded into the Rumba iOS application may have its own unique domain configuration. These unique configurations will persist across app sessions until they are manually deleted from the Rumba iOS application.

Two directions of communication

Rumba iOS application -> web application using Rumba JS SDK
  • The Rumba application is sending a DomainConfiguration object to the web application

    • This occurs when the web application requests a configuration

Web application using Rumba JS SDK -> Rumba iOS application
  • The web application is requesting its DomainConfiguration from a list stored within the Rumba iOS application

    • In this case, if the Rumba iOS application has not stored a configuration for this web application,

    it will return a set of default settings to the web application

  • The web application has initialized its own settings and sends it to the Rumba iOS application to be stored

User interface

The settings of a DomainConfiguration can be configured directly within the Rumba iOS application. First, create a blank DomainConfiguration by navigating to a web application, and then open the settings -> Customize for current domain name screen (at the bottom of the settings screen).

Settings Screen Settings Screen

After pressing the “Save This Domain” button, a DomainConfiguration will be created for the web application that was currently visible before opening the settings screen.

You will notice that the button will not be interactable since a DomainConfiguration exists for this web application.

Settings Screen

Now, you can click on the entry that was created for this web application, which will open a new screen to change all of the settings for this domain.

Settings Screen Settings Screen