Rumba API documentationΒΆ

The Socket Mobile Rumba application is designed to display a web page or a web application that requires the use of a barcode scanner or RFID reader.

Rumba is almost like any regular web browser applications and offers very simple integration of Socket Products without the requirements of modifying the web page or the web application.

Rumba gives as an option, a configuration that could be customized by the web page or the web application through the use of the Rumba JS SDK.

Rumba JS SDK mostly configures the Rumba application user interface but also can specify where in the web page the Socket Mobile products should send the decoded data.

More information about the Rumba SDK would be added here when Rumba is published to the App Store.

If you are interested to be notified or to be an early beta tester of Socket Mobile Rumba application, let us know by sending an email to

The easiest way to connect a Socket Mobile product to an iOS device is by following the steps of our Socket Mobile Companion application that can be found here.