Maraca API documentation

The Socket Mobile Maraca library is designed to “Capture-enabled” a web view of an iOS application.

By “Capture-enabled” we mean making the web view of an iOS application automatically supporting the CaptureJS API so that the web view can control a Socket Mobile product.

The Maraca library is released in a Cocoapods Package Management.

It requires the Socket Mobile Capture Cocoapods.

The Maraca library is used in the Socket Mobile Rumba application, that enables a web site or a web application to used the Socket Mobile products such as barcode scanners and RFID reader/writer.

The Maraca library is not yet released, please check back here later or send us an email to if you would like to receive an email when Maraca is available.

The easiest way to connect a Socket Mobile product to an iOS device is by following the steps of our Socket Mobile Companion application that can be found here.