Getting Started


The Host PC needs to have Socket Mobile Companion Software installed. It can be downloaded from the Socket web site here.

The Socket Mobile Companion software needs a Bluetooth inbound port created in the Bluetooth setting applet of the host. It can then be selected using the configuration html page.

The configuration page can be used at any time the Bluetooth inbound port needs to be changed.

SDK Installation

The SDK is released as a NuGet package.

You can find the current release on NuGet by searching for SocketMobile.Capture

The Capture SDK NuGet depends on JSON NuGet from Newsoft that will get installed as well.

An application using the Socket Capture SDK needs to be registered in order to retrieve an AppKey that is required by the Capture API. You can register for an app key on the Socket Mobile Developer portal. Note you will have to log in to create an App Key.

Configuring the Scanner

By default, the factory settings of the Socket Cordless Scanners are set to Basic Mode (keyboard emulation: HID). In order to use the scanner with an application using Capture SDK, the scanner must be configured in Application Mode (Bluetooth Serial Port Profile: SPP).

The following barcode will configure your scanner into Application Mode:



This configuration barcode is persistent across power cycling the scanner and needs to be scanned only once. The scanner will stay in that mode until it is reset to its factory defaults, or until the keyboard emulation Basic Mode(HID) barcode is scanned.

Connecting/Pairing the Scanner to the Host

The process of doing the initial pairing of the scanner to a host PC is very simple. Make sure that there is no previous pairing saved in the host and in the scanner. On the scanner the pairing can be cleared by following these steps:

  • Turn on the scanner
  • Press the power button while pressing the scan button
  • wait for the scanner to turn off

A series of 3 beeps will confirm the pairing information has been deleted. If these 3 beeps are not heard, retry these steps until you hear the 3 beeps.

To connect the scanner to the host, turn it on and either scan a command barcode that contains the Host Bluetooth Address or simply go to the host Bluetooth settings, discover the scanner and pair to it.


Make sure the Socket Mobile Companion software is running at that time and the scanner should automatically connect to Socket Mobile Companion software. A beep confirms when the scanner is connected and ready to be used.

Using Capture SDK

The easiest way to use the Capture SDK in your C# application is to use Capture Helper, which is released in source code form as part of the Capture NuGet. Please refer to Capture Helper