Welcome to Capture C# SDK for Windows and Xamarin Documentation

The Capture SDK provides an API to communicate with Socket Mobile Companion software.

Since Capture SDK relies on Socket Mobile Companion software, this architecture offers 3 levels of API. A very low level JSON-RPC interface, a mid level C# asynchronous API, and the easiest level called CaptureHelper C# API.

Capture Helper

This is the easiest and recommended way to add the scanning capability into an application.

Getting Started to go straight to it!

Capture Helper is provided as source code and it uses the mid level C# Capture API.

Capture Helper can be extended to include a feature not provided by default by adding a partial CaptureHelper class that holds the desired features.

More information about this API can be found here and some sample code can be found in Getting Started.

C# Capture API

This API uses the Capture JSON-RPC API to provide an asynchronous C# API for Windows and Xamarin platforms.

This API requires some knowledge about the Capture Property Objects and Capture Event Object that are sent and received to/from the Socket Mobile Companion software through its Capture JSON-RPC interface.

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